There are many benefits that you can get when you choose the auto general car insurance as your partner in protection your family, partner, son or even your parents on the streets. We know that it is very important to get auto insurance coverage before you hit the roads with your car. The recent data shows that the rate of death due to car accident is increasing year by year. Some of them are caused by under the drugs and drinks and other happen due to the external causes. And whatever the cause of accident, you should have a coverage that will make sure that you get decent compensation when something bad happens.

Young woman holding keys to new car

Auto general car insurance is a worldwide brand which is available in several major countries. You can find this company in USA, Australia and also South Africa. This firm was established in 2000 and this firm is specialized in management, sale and also the other insurance products. During this time, there are a lot of customers spread in different countries that use the insurance product from Auto General. And you can be one of them too and finding all the benefits that you can get to protect you during your daily trip.

Comprehensive insurance is one of the most popular coverage that chosen by the automotive enthusiasts. And you will get plenty benefits from auto general car insurance when you choose this coverage, such as:

  1. Free Towing and Storage

You will not be charged with the additional fee when your car needs to be towed. The insurance will contact the authorized dealership that has cooperation with the firm to tow your car and store it on the proper place. Usually, the car will be towed to the nearest garage. But if your car has heavy damage then they will bring your car to the proper garage so it will be handled with experienced mechanic.

  1. Accidental Damage

The cost to repair the damage on your car is certified by the third party, auto general car insurance. You don’t have to be afraid about the bills and the repair because you will get a good-looking car just like a new car. The auto insurance company will bring the damaged car to the experienced auto garage so it will be handled properly.

  1. Theft and Hijacking

The level of crime on the streets is always increasing. It is not surprising that some people are afraid about their cars stolen or they would be hijacked by the thieves. But, the comprehensive policy in auto general offers coverage that will protect your car from theft and hijacking. Of course, the price might be increasing but you can get security equipment to protect your car and make the premium rate cheaper.

  1. Accidental Death of Third Party

Sometimes you are fine even though you are involved in an accident. But when it causes a death for the third party, then you need to give compensation for their family. But you don’t have to be afraid about the compensation because as long as you choose comprehensive auto general car insurance then they will pay the compensation so you don’t need to spend your money.

  1. Damaged Property

The coverage is not only helping you from death compensation but it will save your money from the property damage bills. The auto insurance will pay the cost to repair damaged property with certain amount on the policy.

  1. Accessories

Some accidents lead to break the accessories. It is just a detail on your car but when it comes about accident, you need to prepare a lot of money to fix the accessories. You can claim it to auto general car insurance if you have comprehensive coverage.

Those are several benefits when you have comprehensive coverage from auto general. The cost of the coverage may be varied because it depends on your skill in driving, age, gender and also driving history that you have. You can discuss it with the customer service to get cheaper price or the cost that fit with your budget. Now, you can start to contact the customer service to get the auto general car insurance quote and estimate your budget.